Celebrating Small Accomplishments

Hello, hope you all enjoyed the Christmas holiday and we have less than a week until the new year. Oh my. This was the first Christmas in years that I didn’t go home to my family and I missed them dearly but it was also my first Christmas with J.W. so that made it special and goes along the lines of my post of changing up tradition. I was also looking forward to some snow on Christmas but we weren’t even close to that. So, you know  how I talk about goals and making sure you have a focus on what it is you want to do, whether it’s focusing on a routine, going towards a dream of yours or just something short-term, I always say its good to have a plan.  As you have a plan on what it is you’re trying to do, celebrate those small accomplishments. I know sometimes we want to wait until we get to that big goal and its great to celebrate then, but as you’re on this path, any step that you take that gets you one step closer to where you’re trying to be, make sure you celebrate that.  So, if its taking yourself out to eat, pampering yourself, do that, maybe as part of your plan, add that to the process so every week or day that you do something towards your goal, make sure you have a way to celebrate regardless of how small the celebration might be, it’s just a way to celebrate you. Doing something like this helps build up your self-esteem, because as you’re building yourself up in these small moments, your building on you as person. It increases your self-esteem at each stage of your progress, so you believe that you’re capable of making this happen, you believe in yourself, which is very important because as you move forward you’re going to have set-backs and building up your self-esteem with these small accomplishments, it makes you persevere and still move forward knowing that nothing will stop you. This is helpful in many ways for future goals because you limit self-doubt, you have a different perspective on what is you can do and you just believe that you can do anything that you put your mind to. So, celebrate your small accomplishments and be good to yourself as you make your goals a reality.

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