Make Things Happen Now

As the new year is coming upon us, you always hear about the changes that people are going to make, the new things that they’re going to do but I always wondered why they can’t make those changes now? Any day is a good time to start working on the things you need to work on. I kind of stopped making New Years resolutions and in a way just focused on what it is I need to change on daily basis. “Starting now,” is a perfect statement to focus on, we can hold ourselves back by waiting on the right time or the next year to get things going but what is wrong with now? We hold ourselves back because of fears we may have about not knowing what to expect. As you prolong whatever it is that you want to accomplish, the more likely it may not happen or you may be quick to give it up quickly once starting it. So, with that if there is something you want to do, focus on it now, what’s the first step you can take? Start with that, then how do you get there? What can be done today to start making this thought of yours a reality? You don’t need the start of the new year to say this is what you’ll do differently, go into the new year already focused and working on this new you. Keeping it short and simple today. Happy Holidays

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