Boost Your Morning Routine in 6 Ways

I woke up this morning with an extra pep in my step, no major reason, maybe just looking forward to the holidays and being off or just how I’ve started to set-up my morning routine lately. Even walking to catch the train, the beat of the song I was listening to made me feel a bit excited instead of thinking, it’s too early, it’s too cold, I should have stayed home today, etc . I didn’t realize the true importance of a morning routine until I started to implement one and saw a shift in how I felt in the mornings and how I thought about the way I would like my days to go. Just wanted to share some things I do in the mornings that have helped me start my day in a positive way.

  • Changing sound of alarm: The sound of a regular alarm doesn’t sit well with me. The last few years, I realized that sound was causing anxiety in the mornings and I would feel a bit unbalanced when I would be trying to start my mornings. I started to use my alarm on my phone, there’s a bedtime feature on the iPhone and within that are some choices of soothing sounds you can wake up to. In the mornings now, it’s not a loud noise that I can’t handle, it’s a relaxing sound that gradually gets louder and don’t think I would mind if it stayed on.
  • Waking up to a Quote: This is something I’ve been doing for the past few years. I use the Motivation app and I have it set to send a message to my phone every morning maybe a minute before my alarm goes off so every morning when I get up to turn off the alarm, there’s a motivating message to read, to get the day started.  It’s like a nice gift every morning to look forward to because you never know what the message will be about.
  • Don’t check emails: For the first hour of rising, no checking emails, social media, etc. This has really been helpful all thanks to JW (boo) and this great idea. I’m able to focus on getting ready, able to get be mindful and be present in the moment, so instead of feeling like you could be missing out on something, just think, things can wait, let me lay in this bed and just enjoy that for a second, let me figure out what I’ll wear, let me do a 2-minute dance to my fave song, it’s just a nice slice of time you can have for yourself before you go out and deal with all the distractions that are waiting for you once you step out the door.
  • Be grateful: When waking up, I usually say something I’m grateful for, it’s usually  the same phrase or sometimes I may change it up and say 2 things, but it’s nothing too difficult, just keep it simple. My go-to message, “Thank you for waking me up this morning.”
  • Listen to music: I like upbeat music so any chance I get to have that on in the mornings as I’m getting ready I will. Make a playlist if helpful so you know what specific songs you want to hear.
  • Meditate: Still a work in progress with meditation but if you follow the blog or instagram, I tend to post certain statements that I’m mediating on for the week. Everyone can meditate differently by thinking different thoughts but this is what works for me and you always have to find what works for you if this is something you want to try.

I have mentioned the importance of having a routine here and if you’re going to have one, might as well start it first thing in the morning.  Thanks for reading and if you have a morning routine you’re proud up, do share.

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