Self-care & Mindfulness

Hi, I changed things up today and decided to give you some insight into a few Wellness terms I use throughout the blog and I also think its time for a vacay, somewhere sunny, good food and bottomless mimosas on deck.  Sooo….have you ever had one of those weekends where you just were excited to get back to work?*raises hand*. uh yes, even though a vacation is needed in the near future, I think its just having ideas about things and just trying to finish up a paper currently so just wanting to knock things out before the holidays. I did a whole lot of nothing this weekend, since its still pretty cold outside. The one thing I did do was listen to music for some reason, usually when I’m feeling a bit anxious or just need something relaxing, music is my go-to method and I can have it on all day. Isn’t it something when you’re not feeling that great, you really pay attention to the words of the songs, really looking deep into the meaning and how it applies to your current situation  as compared to when your happy and just ad-libbing but may not truly pay attention to what the song is about, maybe its just me.  One home project that I am working on right now, is piecing together my boo and I’s apartment, its just so many ideas that I see for furniture and can’t quite pick, I’m so indecisive with these things but I think I figured out our color scheme, so maybe some gray, some dark blues to bring out things and a sprinkle of white or gold decor. I think he may go for that. Sorry but just went on a tangent but I’m back, since I talk so much about self-care, being mindful or just staying present, I wanted to just share the true definition of each, we hear these words thrown at us on a consistent basis but what do they truly mean. Let me tell you:

Self-Care: This one is pretty self-explanatory in that its basically caring for oneself. Like I have mentioned in several posts, self-care is being able to focus on yourself, regardless of external stressors and unexpected situations, its a reminder to have a focus on your “me time.”  Also, its about creating a life for yourself that makes you want to be an active participant. Its about taking stock of  all things in your life and truly identifying what needs to stay, what needs to go, what needs some fixing, etc. Yes, self-care can be about all the healthy positive things that you can do but its also about creating a life for yourself where you like the life that you have and self-care isn’t just something you use to escape certain things.

Mindfulness (Be Present): Being able to actively attend to present situations. Awareness of your thoughts and feelings in any given situation, not labeling these things as good/bad, learning to accept how you’re feeling in the moment and not taking yourself out of that to escape feelings or thoughts that need to be dealt with. Being present in a situation is key, because you’re not thinking about what happened yesterday or what can happen in the future, its really about being in the moment, experiencing what is currently going on and trying to do that on a consistent basis.

I may throw a few more words out there as the blog continues but thought we could start with these.

Oh and before I forget, just in case you were following along with me, my weekly meditation this week is Believing in Your Potential, and I think really its about being able to focus on the good things about yourself, what you’re capable of and when you realize what it is, you make that a dominant focus instead of worrying about all the things you’re not great at. This really does apply to my Friday post in a way.

Thanks for reading, Happy Monday, think great, be great and do great, see you in a few days.

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