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Happy Friday, I was this close to giving you guys an extra dose of Wellness Wednesday’s to go into the weekend but I was like, why break tradition, maybe you enjoy the weekly quotes to take into your weekend and maybe you just enjoy those posts only on Wednesdays but you never know I could change things up a bit next week and just give you 3 days worth of tips and advice, so the only way to know is to check back in with me next week. Oh and if you’re enjoying what you see or maybe you want to see more of something, put a comment out or just email me.

This quote today comes from someone that I admired in college because he really got me into looking at therapy in a different way, his focus on person-centered therapy allows for self-discovery and I find myself always going going back to identify a few of his techniques to use when the client-counselor relationship gets stagnant.

This quote does tie into this week and I didn’t even plan it like that. Ha..But really in accepting the person you are and I mean all of it, from the the curls you have to your awkwardness, to not wanting to be around people all the time, your great smile and the ability to make others laugh, to your stubbornness or just the moods you can fall into just like that.. I may have have described myself just a bit there but you get the idea, it’s being able to be you at all times, allowing others to get a glimpse of all of you because when you hide then it’s like you’re walking around just giving out a false sense of self, so if that’s what you’re giving out, then that’s what your taking in and theres no room for change or improvement if you can’t even accept parts of you. As long as you’re not being your true self they (fake friends, yes-man, etc) are winning, bc when someone realizes the great things about themselves that are just unique, whoa, the world better watch out bc there is no limit to what they can do.But as long as you keep hiding, you’re letting them win bc if you haven’t found who you are yet, you will always need them to provide you with your identity, if that makes sense so in a way you’ll never amount to what you’re capable of. When you can accept who you are, flaws and all, you give yourself control to make changes that in a way leads you to your purpose in life, your why in life, your happiness in life, your growth in life. You discover who you are at your own pace and no one else’s. I’m done, I could go one, bc I just love building people up, helping them see what they can do but I’ll save it for another post.


Have a great weekend all and to all a good day.

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