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Oh hey,  Wellness Wednesday is in full effect. So I had someone ask me how they can create their own “Me Time” what they could fill that time with? That got me thinking, why don’t I just share. The way I initially explained your “me time” was that it really is time that you take out for yourself that you just create your own “specialness” whatever that may be and really in focusing on the things that make you feel good. Here are some tips that have been helpful for me in creating a good “me time” space for myself.


  • Looking at all areas of your life, what is being depleted?:You know how you may be great at work, may have a good exercise routine, may also be a good listener but what about you, are you not focusing on to build yourself up to where you would like to be? We can focus so much on the areas of our lives that we have mastered, that we may forget about things that need a bit of TLC to improve us and also create an overall balance. If you haven’t ever completed a Life Balance Wheel, check it out.
  • Start a new hobby: Learn something new, take a class but get out there. You can’t figure out what you like and don’t like just sitting in the house. Get lost in your city, join a meet-up, push yourself to do one thing outside your comfort zone to really learn something new about yourself and what you can start to do in moments that you just need a break from everything.
  • Log-off: Shut down your emails, silence that phone, and be ok with just taking a little time out, this could be everyday after work or when you wake up in the morning. Life will continue to happen whether you respond/don’t respond to that email or text, so find some time to give yourself a few minutes out of your day to limit theses distractions that can cause a shift in your mood in the blink of an eye.
  • Get a routine going:Set up a daily/weekly routine that you can look forward to and stick to it, if it needs some tweaking, make that happen but don’t stop it. Mention a bit about a daily routine here.
  • Set Goals:Have realistic goals for yourself on a consistent basis so you are always focusing on at least one thing to improve who you are. Think about why you need to have this specific goal,  have a way to measure your goals, give yourself a time frame and if things aren’t going as planned, change things up a bit and continue to focus on accomplishing this goal. This is just another way to really bring the focus back on you so you have some drive towards making this a habit to continue to know that you are important and your needs, really do need to be met.
  • Learn to Relax: It doesn’t take much to build an arsenal of relaxation techniques to help you calm down in any moment, it’s just implementing them consistently for it to become automatic overtime. Always have a small way to relax to help you throughout your day, you’re really just focusing on self-care, regardless of your day you will always set this amount of time aside to take a walk outside, get up from your desk, call someone who brings a smile to your face, etc. A few techniques that I have found helpful are deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation and guided imagery.


Hope these were helpful, thanks for reading and let me know if you try any of these.

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