Learning More About Self

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Hola..so hoping everyone enjoyed their weekend, this cold weather has been so disrespectful some days, I just don’t want to leave my place. As I was thinking of topics for this week and binge watching on She’s Gotta Have It on Netflix, I really thought it was interesting to touch on the many sides of me for all the things I have going on but how I do lack in still limiting how much I do focus on self.  What makes this topic interesting is that, that was the focal point of the last episode and I didn’t even know it. Her therapist of all people asked her a very important question, how much time in a sense does she have for herself?  For her to be able to schedule time for focusing on herself without the distractions of others and doing what truly makes her happy was pretty neat to see and others can either be on the same path and allow her to have this time or they can really exit stage left. We can allow relationships, work, family, etc to truly take pieces of ourselves to the point where you have to figure out, what makes you whole again, what makes you, you because you give so much of yourself to things that you can lose sight of who you are and what it means to be living instead of existing. I know for me, I can say that I do things here and there but I may lack in how much I do truly invest in myself. My focus at times can be on so many different things that when I actually make time for me, it may go wasted because I can literally sit and do nothing. I’m so concerned at times about making sure others are good that I lose focus on my many routines that I have implemented and maybe let go of. It’s so much that I expect from myself sometimes, I have days where I can’t do it all, I have days where I feel like I’m on top of the world, I have days where I am emotional and want to eat everything in sight, maybe that’s all the time, I have days where I want to be lazy, I have days where I just need a break from everything and you know what I realized, it’s ok, I don’t have to be strong all the time, not everything is on my shoulders all the time, I can take a break from things, tomorrow is always a new day to do better and be better and I can learn from my mistakes. This world and all its layers can do so much damage to us if we allow it. I can’t say that I don’t slip sometimes and need to be on the other end of that therapy chair at times but I think that makes me human. I can give anyone advice on how to improve themselves, work on their relationships, etc but if I’m not implementing the things I preach then what does that make me? I think sometimes as therapists we are looked to for various things for self-improvement and in a sense making things better, we may sit behind our desks, take notes, show no emotion but in reality sometimes we (I) need a reminder especially from the different cases I have had to deal with, that life isn’t perfect, it’s ok to have moments where things don’t go as planned, it’s ok to just be ok and it’s ok to be vulnerable and allow others to help when you just don’t have enough in you. I’m still a work in progress, still learning about myself and what things truly do make me happy, learning to take a step back at times, to allow things to happen and not everything has to be controlled by moi..

Are you learning any new things about yourself?

Didn’t mean to ramble too much but hope this was helpful in some way.See you Wednesday

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