How Aware are You?

Here is another one of the many thoughts in my head that I wanted to share. Hope your week has been going well and you’ve been able to implement past posts on taking care of self. I wanted to touch on awareness, I touched a bit on this in taking a mental health day but any form of awareness, whether it’s listening to what your body needs or just being aware of triggers that are catalyst to how you behave.  It may seem like being too aware can be too much because you may always feel like you need to process situations and that really can get overwhelming but what this really does is help you plan out how you will deal with things instead of allowing things to pile up and not having a good way of dealing with it.  We may have a tendency to only deal with things when it seems too late but when you have awareness about things, you learn little ways of coping in the moment so you can balance out how you feel and think about things instead of waiting until you want to explode and can’t think clearly. I’ll keep it short today but to build awareness:

  • Keep a log of your thoughts/behaviors/emotions, notice a pattern? What can you do to consistently change things up a bit so you get a more desired outcome?

When you’re in tune with all the flags your body gives you or the things that affect you,

  • You come to recognize what situations cause certain reactions out of you and you learn ways to cope with the situation even if it’s not fixable, you implement new techniques to mitigate this so future occurrences are handled properly under your control.
  • You pay attention to yourself a little bit more and become in tune with what works for you and no one else.
  • You may start to set some boundaries that are needed to be able to focus on your own happiness.

See how I did that, I use “YOU” pretty frequently above because you are so important and to be able to really enjoy the life you want, its all about focusing on you first and seeing what things need some tweaking because its such a beautiful thing when you get to know yourself inside and out, you learn that no one can break that bond that you have with the person you see in the mirror every day and as many things that may come and go in your life, you will be the most consistent so you might as well build yourself up. Right?

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