Pausing to Enjoy the little things

Another week to start to create the life you want for yourself. I attended a conference last week and one of the nights, almost everyone attended a “gala” and it was so refreshing to see people that are so influential in their field just let loose. All week and prior, I think we were all scrambling to make sure presentations go well and throughout the conference making sure you attend the talks of interest, network with future collaborators on certain projects and the gala just brought everything to a halt. We weren’t thinking about anything work related, at least not for me but we really were just taking in the fact that there was good music, activities for us to partake in and just being able to truly laugh and enjoy this moment we were having. This really can apply to how we live our lives, sometimes we are on the go so much that we forget to Pause and really smell the roses. It’s hard because there is always something to do but as I really observed individuals turn into someone “normal” for one night where no one was depending on them, it truly just shows how much more we need moments of laughter and escape to be ourselves sometimes instead of always feeling like we are needed. So, make this a Monday goal or everyday goal if you accept the challenge, how often will you pause to be able to take in the positive things going on around you? A gratitude journal wouldn’t hurt either.;)


Dress, long cardigan, Belt:H&M

Shoes: Zara


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