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This quote is so true, we are always waiting on the right time to do things and sometimes that one thing that we’ve been waiting to do is still on your to-do list. When will you start acting on the things you would like to do instead of just talking about it? This quote resonates with me because just last year I just made a big move to the DMV area and before that I was going back and forth on if this was the right decision, maybe it wasn’t that right time and so many other excuses that really could have kept me stagnant in what my life was then, but I made the jump because really time waits for no one, I could always move back if things don’t work out, I met this great individual who challenges me to be my best at all times, I’ve met great people, started a blog and I’m loving what I do but all that wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t act. Your time is very precious and it’s good to challenge yourself at times, act on things before you get to a point where all you can do is talk about the things you didn’t do and wish you had.


 So make it a goal, what’s something you can act on today, no excuses but what will you do, when you will do it and who can hold you accountable?

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