The Thoughts you Feed Yourself

What do you feed yourself? Do you remember what you ate today or  if you’re like me and probably meal plan you know what you’re eating for the week. Just like we use food to fuel our bodies to keep us going, we also need this with the thoughts that we continue to repeat to ourself. To have the confidence that you want, the self-esteem that you strive for,  you have to do a better job on what thoughts you let in. Take one day and just pay attention to the thoughts you feed yourself, from having that great meeting to making a mistake on an important project. Just like we shift and adjust throughout our day, our thoughts do as well. I thought about this and reflected on this topic when I visited Ghana last month, since I had quite a bit of time on my hand, no phone service,  I couldn’t help but to focus on this and how much we can tare ourselves down subconsciously. I know I do this, more so with comparing and I’m working on pacing myself according to me and not what path someone else is on. What we think influences how we perceive our environment so if there is that false sense of self, your views on what others think of you and your general overview of things gets tainted and then we wonder why we can’t move up, get that person to notice you or just enjoy life, it’s because we sometimes hold ourselves back from these gifts, we can’t see past the not so good times so we sometimes wallow in it without realizing it and this can start the process of digging yourself deeper into a hole that overtime becomes too cumbersome to climb out of. This really ties into this post.

So just pay attention to your daily thoughts, reflect on these thoughts at the end of the day and next time, plan on catching yourself in moments of self-doubt and retraining yourself on what thoughts you will allow in, letting those not so good thoughts flow on through minimizing the energy you give to it. Make a conscious effort to feed yourself positive thoughts, through daily mantras, thinking about yourself in a positive way and make sure you attend to them, just as if you were eating 3 meals a day, you may find that you need to feed yourself more positive thoughts throughout your day to get you motivated and focused on making this a consistent ritual to get the outcome you deserve.


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